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Local Tea Party Endorses Janine Hansen for Congress

Congress’s Approval Rating is only 9% (Gallup Poll)

Janine Hansen of Eagle Forum Give Speech About
Dangers of Constitutional Convention,
Reno 8-15-2014

Dear Friend,

Are you as disgusted with our representat

ion in Congress as I am? Your Vote is Powerful. Don’t waste it! You can PROTEST Amodei’s representation of you and your family by voting for me.

Mark Amodei received a disappointing 48% from Heritage, a full 14 points below his Republican colleagues and a dismal 43% from National Eagle Forum. Why in the world would you vote for someone that is voting at least 52% time with the Democrats and RINO Republicans?

It doesn’t seem to matter if we elect Republicans or Democrats the policies of Washington D.C. don’t ever change.

Albert Einstein stated that the definition of “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” That’s what the voters have been doing… sending the same sold out politicians to Washington and getting the same results…the sell out of the American people.

I am running as a PROTEST candidate. You can vote for me knowing that every vote I receive sends a message that you are not satisfied with Congress’ sell out of the American people. They have certainly failed us on the border…just look at the total disaster, with illegals carrying all kinds of diseases and terrorists crossing the border.

Amodei voted against the DACA amendment to H.R. 5272 which would have frozen Obama’s unlawful “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” denying any additional federal funds or resources. Amodei’s vote just makes you want to tear your hair out. DACA is what has caused the crisis at the border! Who is he representing?

I hope you will help me. I want to ramp up my campaign by printing 5,000 full-color campaign cards. The cost is $834.00. I have volunteers waiting to pass them out. I need your help now. You can contribute online by clicking on the donate link below my picture to the left or just send a check to the address at the top of this article.

Your vote will not be wasted when you make your voice heard by PROTESTING THE INEPT SELL-OUT CONGRESS and Congressman Amodei.

Will you help me PROTEST CONGRESS?

Janine Hansen for Congress District 2

P.S. Please send a contribution now!

Amodei’s Voting Record:

Why am I running for Congress?

I am running to exercise the important Constitutional Right of Free Speech. We need to have a serious conversation about the failure of Congress to abide by the limits on the federal government in the Constitution. I have four children and twelve grandchildren and I am concerned about their future. Never before has the future of our children and grandchildren looked so bleak. We are destroying their future and America’s if we continue to allow our government to run amuck.

It’s important that we PROTEST THE CONGRESS. Vote for Janine Hansen.

What Qualifications do I have?

I have served my entire adult life as a volunteer citizen advocate at the Nevada Legislature, representing families and taxpayers. I understand the issues facing America and Nevada. I am unafraid and an outspoken advocate for liberty and the Constitution.

My priorities for Families and Taxpayers Are:

Restore Economic Prosperity: Cut taxes and unconstitutional spending.
Promote free enterprise job creation. 

Follow the Constitution:  The Constitution is the foundation of the
American Republic and our liberties. Stop government spying on American citizens.

Repeal ObamaCare: Protect freedom of choice in health care.

Protect our borders FIRST: “A nation without borders is no nation at all.”--Ronald Reagan. 

Protect our individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Return control of Nevada Lands to Nevada.

Defend America: Bring our troops home.

Protect the Family: Return control of education to parents, repeal Common Core.

Make Your Vote Count!

It doesn’t seem to matter if we elect Republicans or Democrats, the policies of Washington don’t ever change. Make your Vote Count.

Don’t Waste Your Vote. Send a message to Congress. We aren’t going to take it anymore.


Vote for

Janine Hansen
For US Congress District 2

Paid for by Janine Hansen for US Congress District 2, Kay Dawn Jenkins, Treasurer

Contact: Janine Hansen 775-397-6859