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Janine Hansen is an Independent American

Candidate for U.S. Congress District 2 for Nevada

I am a candidate for the Independent American Party to raise the Banner of Liberty. The U.S. Constitution has given us the most free and prosperous nation in the world. Our Constitution and our fundamental liberties are under attack. The Democrats have embraced socialism and anarchy. Many elected Republicans have failed to defend our liberties.


We bring a new vision, that of returning to Constitutional limited government where citizens are responsible for themselves.


Because of government interference, many businesses are closed and many people out of work. Because of this our economy is struggling.  We should be open for business. Let people who are vulnerable to coronovirus stay home. People want jobs not government handouts.  


Government interference has caused our health care and insurance costs to become unaffordable. Health care choices are limited because Big Pharma wants to keep us in the pill game. We need private health insurance which allows us to choose whatever health care is best for us and our families including alternative and natural health care.

We should choose Supreme Court Justices who honor the Constitution and interpret the law, not judicial activists who make the law from the bench. 


We must protect at all costs our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, which is a last defense against tyranny. In Nevada, we are also guaranteed gun rights for security, defense, lawful hunting and recreation.


Protection of our Freedom of Religion is paramount if we are to remain a free people. Religious Liberty is under attack from “politically correct” philosophies.


Freedom of Speech is under attack by anti-constitutional forces in our nation who are attempting to silence the people. Without free speech, the right of Assembly and Petition, freedom cannot be preserved.


Illegal immigration is a threat to our stability as a nation.  When illegal aliens gain access to social welfare programs, which 85% do through their children, it costs taxpayers billions of dollars. If there were no tax benefits for Illegal immigrants most of them would not come and many would go home voluntarily.


The Right to Life is the first right recognized in the Declaration of Independence. I support the protection of the most innocent life…the unborn.

Education has declined since the Federal Government has been involved. Control of our schools and curriculum should be returned to parents and local school boards while encouraging choice in education.