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  • Married, mother of four children, two of whom were homeschooled.  Grandmother of sixteen.

  • Native Nevadan born and raised in Sparks. Moved to Elko in 2005.

  • Graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Relations from Brigham Young University in 1976.

  • Raises heritage turkeys, chickens and gardens.

  • Named “Conservative of the Year for 2010 in Nevada” by Citizen Outreach.

  • Citizen advocate at the Nevada Legislature 1971-2019 and since 1991 a full-time volunteer citizen lobbyist for Nevada Families/Eagle Forum and the Independent American Party.

  • State President of Nevada Families for Freedom the State Affiliate of Eagle Forum. Editor Nevada Families/Eagle Forum monthly newsletter since 1974.

  • Executive Director of the Independent American Party, State Chairman of the Independent American Party.

  • Founder, Publisher and Editor of the Nevada Families Voter Guide published 1988 - 2016.

  • Constitutional Issues Chairman for national Eagle Forum.

  • Instrumental in defeating the National Call for a New Constitutional Convention and the defeat of the related Conference of the States, currently coordinating Eagle Forum’s national efforts to defeat an Article V Constitutional Convention including the Convention of the States and National Popular Vote.

  • Northern Nevada Director Nevadans for Sound Government (Axe the Tax) sponsoring referendum to repeal the $836 million tax increase and an initiative to prohibit government employees from serving in elected office 2004.

  • Organizational member of the Nevada Campaign to Defeat the USA PATRIOT ACT.

  • Executive Director of the Nevada Committee for Full Statehood which is working to restore jurisdiction over Nevada’s lands to Nevada and implementing the principles of the Tenth Amendment since 2000.

  • Initiative Petition Chairman for 16 of Nevada’s 17 Counties for the successful Coalition for the Protection of Marriage to keep marriage between and man and a woman, 2000.

  • 1996, 2004, 2008 National Ballot Access Coordinator of the Constitution Party.  Served as National Treasurer and currently serves as Western States Chairman.

  • State Chairman of the Choose Life Campaign 1990 to stop a ballot question, which locked abortion into the Nevada Constitution.  First testified opposing abortion in the Nevada Legislature in 1971.

  • Co-Chairman of the Choose Life Coalition, which has sponsored a full-page pro-life ad with 400 sponsors in the Nevada Gazette Journal, Reno News & Review, Elko Daily Free Press and High Desert Advocate for 34 years which has now been updated to Facebook ads instead of newspaper ads. 

  • Previously an organizer of the annual Choose Life Rally and Life Chain for 20 years.

  • Host of the radio talk show the Constitution and you during the 1987 Constitution Bicentennial.

  • Pro-family elected delegate and Pro-family Caucus Chairman to the National Conference on Families in 1980 in Los Angeles.

  • Chairman Pro-Family Coalition, which achieved a 68% victory, defeating the ERA on the Nevada statewide ballot in 1978.

  • Nevada Chairman STOP E.R.A. 1974-1978.

  • Member of ABATE of Northern Nevada (A Brotherhood Aimed at Education) motor cycle organization working to protect liberty.

Janine Hansen receiving the Conservative of the Year award from Citizen Outreach Chairman Chuck Muth in 2010.


Janine has lived in Elko County for 15 years. She was born and raised in Sparks and lived there until 2005. Photo taken at Angel Lake.

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